Friday, 28 February 2014

Microsoft will soon free its os

Microsoft is looking at a cost conscious crisis, relative to both mobile and desktop hardware, and on the heels of the news that it might be reducing its Windows Phone software license fee, there’s new evidence that it’s looking at pursuing the same strategy for the desktop.

Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Internet Price by CISCo CEO

BARCELONA, Spain -- Are you curious why everyone is talking about the Internet of everything? Cisco CEO John Chambers gives 19 trillion really good reasons.
Chambers believes the Internet of everything, also known as the Internet of things, will create $19 trillion (yes, that's with a "t") in economic benefit and value over the next decade.

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Friday, 14 February 2014

Friday, 7 February 2014

Cyber Crimes

The global cost of cybercrime in 2013 was estimated by McAfee to be upwards of $300 billion. One in five small businesses have now been on the receiving end of an attack and every day one million more individuals become victims of cyber-criminal activity. The internet is under attack, and we are the targets.
Stepping up to fight the cyber war, Microsoft unveiled a new state of the art Cyber Crime Center specifically designed to battle botnets, malware and other various forms of internet crime. Inside its new headquarters, Microsoft’s Digital Crimes Unit (DCU) is actively disrupting some of the most serious cybercrime threats currently facing modern society.

Windows XP Security Issues

The end of Windows XP could lead to a marked increase in global spam levels, according to security firm Sophos.

Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Microsoft New CEO Announcement

Microsoft Corp. today announced that its Board of Directors has appointed Satya Nadella as Chief Executive Officer 

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Microsoft Security (Digital Crimes )

Last year, an army of five million zombie computers began taking marching orders from an Eastern European cyber criminal kingpin.
These computers weren't in a dank warehouse or an abandoned strip mall, but in homes and offices across 90 countries. The infected PCs belonged to a vast array of unwitting users who detected nothing out of the ordinary. Meanwhile, when its malevolent creators issued the command, the zombie army lurched to life.